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SIMON says yes to scalability and no to price surprises. Our global coverage will keep your data consistent, no matter where you are. And our simple global rate lets you scale as needed, no matter how big or small your operation is. Learn the value of a SIM card and what machine-to-machine (M2M) and 4G LTE SIM card options are available for you.

Pick a Data Plan with a Corresponding SIM

Creating Your Data Plan

You know your IoT solution needs this technology, but what exactly is a SIM card and what are your IoT SIM card options? A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a miniscule, plastic memory chip that slides into, or is built into, a device. Known for its convenience and transferability, a global SIM card provides data wherever your IoT solution needs coverage. Our commercial, industrial, and embedded SIMs are available across all carriers. These include M2M, 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE SIM cards.

Sim Card vs IoT Sim Card

What is the Difference between an IoT SIM card and a normal SIM card? There are indeed some notable differences between the two.

First, the main functions of IoT SIM cards are specifically designed for IoT devices, which require M2M communication. These SIM cards are designed with low-power consumption and the transmission of data in small frequent intervals. On the contrary, regular SIM cards deal with high speed data transfers such as those used in smart phones.

The design of the two cards also differ in size, IoT SIM cards being smaller and more compact, while normal SIM cards are larger.

Lastly, IoT SIM cards and regular SIM cards each have different intended uses. IoT SIM cards are to be used for IoT devices, involving cellular connectivity for remote monitoring. Regular SIM cards are mostly intended for use in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


This IoT SIM card card can be used in any device.
Besides commercial applications, these SIMs are recommended for prototypes. Industries such as transportation, agriculture, healthcare, and other manufacturing and utilities may use IOT commercial SIM cards to remotely track important metrics such as weather conditions, security updates, health statuses, and so on - ultimately increasing both time and cost efficiency.


This SIM’s sturdy construction is prepared to handle industrial environments. Compared to the commercial SIM, this handles higher temperatures and lasts longer. Similarly to commercial SIM cards, a variety of different industries may take advantage of industrial SIM cards for various sensors, meters, and routers.


The capability to embed this SIM in a device is the main difference between our embedded and industrial SIM cards. These SIMs are the smallest and come with additional protection against common issues like moisture, ultimately providing both accurate and timely data transmission. Smartphones, tablets, cars, medical devices, and even larger scale equipment benefit from the secure and reliable connectivity of embedded IoT SIM cards.


$3.00 / Commercial SIM Card

$5.00 / Industrial SIM Card

$10.00 / Embedded SIM Card

Enterprise Rates Available

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Global Coverage

Don’t stress about your coverage. At SIMON IoT we have multiple Tier One carriers to choose as your backbone as well as many more carriers to rely on when coverage recedes. Your global IoT SIM card will automatically connect to the strongest signal in range. You’ll have access to M2M/4G/LTE & 5G SIM card technologies.

Track the Data Your SIM Card is Using

SIMON’s Portal allows you to track the data your LTE SIM cards are using. You’re also able to throttle and cap data usage. No more surprise usage means no more surprise billing.

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From choosing and activating your global SIM card to troubleshooting, our knowledgeable support staff is ready and prepared to answer any question you have along the way—both cellular IoT and solutions-related.

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