Failover Solutions

With data on the cloud and more internet traffic, network failure is more likely and more harmful than ever before. There are a myriad of serious problems that can occur if your cellular network goes down, necessitating rapid internet failover solutions. With our LTE failover plans, we’ll supply your backup connection if your primary network goes down.

Our LTE failover routers available for purchase offer you the best router solutions for wireless failovers. Many offer high speeds, GPS tracking, multiple SIM card slots, and even options that let you automatically switch off the router based on a predetermined data cap or location to save money. Browse our options below and sign up with the SIMON IoT to get started or give us a call so we can get you the LTE failover router and plan that best fits your needs.

Compare LTE Failover Router Pricing

RocketFailover Unifi Soracom SimplyFailover SIMON IoT
$29.95+/month $15.00/month $189.00 $54.99+/month $29.99/month
100 MB, then $20.00/GB 1 GB, then $10.00/GB Not stated on site 5 MB Free, then $15.00/GB 3GB

What Happens When Your Network Goes Down?

Company Time Is Wasted

Without a network connection many employees are left without the capability to fulfill their work responsibilities. Paying all your affected employees while they aren’t able to work can amount to a high price that could be avoided with wireless failover.

Customers Are Negatively Affected

Customers are also affected by a network crash. In industries like healthcare and public transportation, the effect on customers or users can be drastic. In other scenarios, customers can grow frustrated if you aren’t able to meet their needs as you normally would with a functioning network. These negative effects are why so many businesses rely on wireless failover and internet failover solutions.

Revenue Is Lost

Production might stop, sales may not be recognized by your systems, frustrated customers may bring their business elsewhere. For these reasons and more revenue is directly affected when your network goes down. Opting for a wireless failover plan prevents this revenue loss.


Worldwide Coverage

Our wireless failover network provides coverage worldwide. You’ll be covered wherever you are.

Custom Plans

We want what’s best for you and your operation. We’ll do everything we can to provide the LTE failover plan that suits you best.

Secure Connection

You want your connection to be secure, and we can provide that with our wireless failover plans.

Expert Support

We have knowledgeable staff that’s ready to help you work through any questions or concerns you have.

Automatic Transfer to Our Network

As soon as your primary network goes down, we automatically connect you to our network. No need to contact us or wait for your wireless failover to kick in.

Data Pooling

Data pooling allows connectivity to encompass multiple locations and devices.

Get Your LTE Failover Router Solution

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