SIMON IoT Solutions for Manufacturing and Industrial Operations

You need excellent and reliable connectivity to access the benefits of IoT technology in your industrial and manufacturing processes. SIMON IoT can meet your connectivity needs.

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IoT connectivity increases manufacturing and industrial operation efficiency and lowers costs

There are numerous IoT manufacturing procedures that impact efficiency and reduce costs. Real-time asset tracking, supply chain management, and predictive maintenance are just a few. These solutions all provide data that ultimately give you the power of knowledge. With that knowledge, your operation can make adjustments and innovations that put you ahead of the competition.

What SIMON IoT Brings to the Table for Transportation Monitoring

Dependable Connectivity

We have multiple tier-one carriers that are sure to provide your operation with the breadth of coverage you need for your transportation solutions.

Transparent Pricing

We don’t believe in hidden charges. The numbers you see on our pricing page are what you get.

A Portal to Manage Your Data Usage

To help you manage your IoT data, we have features on our portals that allow you to see live data usage metrics. You can also protect overage charges with data guard settings.

Data Plans Tailored to Meet Your Present Needs and Future Changes

Our data plans are centered on fair pricing and optimum connectivity. We don’t lock you into a plan, and that allows you to adjust as your transportation business grows and adapts.

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What IoT Fleet Manufacturing Has to Offer

Real-time Asset Tracking

Traditional asset tracking takes significant time for employees. Using IoT in manufacturing for tracking is more accurate and relieves employees from the time and responsibility. Smart tracking also provides insight on how the assets are being used. This information is useful for reducing idle time and energy costs.

Supply Chain Insights and Management

With IoT, end-to-end visibility on the status of raw materials and finished goods can adapt to changes in real-time based on market demand and environmental conditions. This allows you to optimize warehouse space and deliveries, constantly assess inventory levels, and monitor the status of goods in transit. You can also receive extensive data on the ebb and flow of demand, and modify production accordingly.

Predictive Maintenance

Industrial organizations invest heavily on expensive machinery. Unfortunately, repairs for that machinery are disruptive, and maintenance time can cut into revenues and hurt profit.

By outfitting machines with IoT sensors, you can share that data with the OEM and allow them to provide field service in real-time to assess machine health and schedule corrective actions.

By implementing IoT in manufacturing, you can alert operators and quickly assemble repair resources.

Core Value of IoT Solutions for Manufacturing and Industrial Operations

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Operational Efficiency

Pivot your processes based on the data IoT solutions and connectivity give you. With warehouse tracking, you can drive efficiency by removing manual processes, such as tagging and tracking down items manually. You can also receive accurate, real-time info about where products are. This helps employees produce more efficiently because they don’t run into issues such as losing inventory.

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IoT solutions for manufacturing contribute detailed knowledge of product transportation, idle times, maintenance, and much more. Having more data about and visibility into your warehouse operation will help drive costs and identify opportunities for further improvement.

SIMON IoT provides transparent pricing and a user-friendly data portal to make our IoT connectivity your best option for improving your transportation management process and moving your business forward.

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