Cellular IoT Data Plans

SIMON says yes to flexibility and no to price surprises. Our cellular IoT plans let you create the best plan for you, no matter how big or small your operation is.

Customize Your Plan

International Coverage and Pooling

Apply international coverage and pooling to your plan

  • International coverage

    For devices that need to be connected all over the world

  • Pooling

    Enjoy the simplicity of combining your device's cellular IoT data

Creating Your Data Plan

SIMON IoT data plans meet the needs of a wide range of customers looking for cellular connectivity to the internet of things, from the prototype creator to the large business.

We offer customizable data plans to help meet your specific needs at a fair price. If you’re a large organization, you can create multiple plans and tailor each to its specific need.


Choose the amount of cellular IoT data you need

To keep your plan’s price as fair as possible, we don’t have set plans that cover a range of data. You choose exactly how much data you need and your price reflects it.

For those entering the IoT field, it’s not always easy to know how much cellular IoT data you need. Those who know how much data they need now might require more or less data in the future.

To meet both these circumstances, we don’t lock you into a contract with a set data limit. If you realize you need more or less data, you can change your data-only plan to reflect that. No need to accrue overage charges or pay for more data than you’re using.


Choose the right primary carrier

Once you choose the amount of data you need, you’ll pick a primary carrier to connect to a cellular IoT network. If you have different data plans for your operation, you can have a different primary carrier for each plan. The carrier you choose determines which SIM cards you receive for your devices.

choose between:


Make sure additional Features meet your needs

The additional features we offer in our portal depend on your primary carrier. While creating your data plan, check to see if the additional features meet your organization’s needs.

Data Guard

Use data guard to protect against overage charges. With it, you can assign devices to shut off or throttle data once you reach a designated data threshold.

Data Metering

Check data usage, data transmission, and historical data consumption in real-time.

Data Pooling and Monitoring

Choose whether your SIMs can pool together and set up notifications to alert you when your data pool is used up or close to it.

Use Our Pricing Tool

Transparent Pricing

We know how frustrating it can be to price out a potential data plan. To make this as simple as possible, we offer completely transparent pricing. Using our pricing tool, you can check how much your plan will cost. No need to talk to a sales representative or do complicated math. No need to account for added tax. Just adjust the tool to match your needs and check the price.

No Surprise Charges

Unlike other companies, we would be happy if you never pay us an overage charge. To make this possible, we’ve provided our portal where you can see exactly how much cellular IoT data has been used. You’re also able to throttle and cap the data to keep you from exceeding the data set in your plan. No more surprise data means no more surprise billing.


If you’re new to the cellular IoT game, it might be difficult to know how much data you need. To make sure you’re getting the right plan, we don’t lock you into a contract. You’re always free to upgrade or downgrade your data plan if you see the need.

Automated Billing

If you’re looking to sell rate plans to your own customers, we can set up automatic billing for you.

We’re Here for You Through Each Step

From choosing and activating your global SIM card to troubleshooting, our knowledgeable support staff is ready and prepared to answer any question you have along the way—both cellular IoT and solutions-related.

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