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Partnering Healthcare and IoT benefits patients and lowers costs

IoT health technology, including automation in healthcare, provides insights on patient wellness and opportunities for improvement. This information paves the way for improved and connected patient health.

Alternative medical IoT solutions can reduce the length of hospital visits, decrease the amount of on-site appointments, and prevent connectivity lapses. These benefits and others contribute to cost-efficiency.


The main benefits of using IoT in healthcare are:

What does IoT in Healthcare consist of?

IoT in Healthcare consists of special software and hardware sensors that are used to collect data from the patient’s body or environment. Then, through either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity, or wired connections, the data can be received and analyzed on a compatible device such as a tablet, computer, monitor, or smartphone.

This information can be displayed and safely stored as charts, images, or other reports to help patients and doctors make better informed decisions regarding patient health.

The efficiency of IoT in healthcare can be extremely crucial in notifying medical professionals in the case of health emergencies.

What SIMON IoT Brings to the Table for Transportation Monitoring

Dependable Connectivity

We have multiple tier-one carriers that are sure to provide your operation with the breadth of coverage you need for your transportation solutions.

Transparent Pricing

We don’t believe in hidden charges. The numbers you see on our pricing page are what you get for our applications of IoT in healthcare.

A Portal to Manage Your Data Usage

To help you manage your IoT data, we have features on our portals that allow you to see live data usage metrics. You can also protect overage charges with data guard settings.

Data Plans Tailored to Meet Your Present Needs and Future Changes

Our data plans are centered on fair pricing and optimum connectivity. We don’t lock you into a plan, and that allows you to adjust as your transportation business grows and adapts.

View Our Data Plan Model

Data Plans Tailored to Meet Your Present Needs and Future Changes

Our data plans are centered on fair pricing and optimum connectivity. We don’t lock you into a plan, and that allows you to adjust as your fleet tracking business grows and adapts.

View Our Data Plan Model

Offerings from IoT Healthcare Solutions:

Remote Telemedicine and Telematics

Through remote telematics, IoT technology allows healthcare professionals to more easily access patients in remote areas, diagnose medical issues, and monitor health conditions. IoT devices in healthcare enable many of the core capabilities that telehealth offers.

  • Over-the-phone appointments

  • Medical opinions, AI and analytics based on the patient profile, health statistics, and symptoms

  • Digital pharmaceutical services, such as ordering or refilling prescriptions

Additionally, in-home visits can use medical IoT devices to automatically report their notes, test results, and other data on the patient.

With the proper sensors and diagnostic technologies, a medical IoT office or healthcare provider can offer their service to more people through telemedicine and reach more patients.


By automating manual processes with software, intake forms, and combining that information with patient records and databases, internet of things healthcare can improve scheduling capabilities for hospitals, medical IoT practices, and various health facilities.

Payment Facilitation

IoT in healthcare can facilitate billing automation in digital care, such as sending billing alerts to patients.

Hospital Layout

For hospitals, IoT devices tagged with sensors are used for tracking real time location of medical equipment like wheelchairs, defibrillators, nebulizers, oxygen pumps, and other monitoring equipment. Through software platforms including apps, hospital employees and administrators can more quickly locate the devices and equipment they need.

IoT in Healthcare: Wearable Solutions

Wearable smart accessories and devices are a growing IoT healthcare solution. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) moving toward wireless technology in healthcare. They can increase the value of their offering by using our data plans and SIM cards.

IoT in Healthcare: Wearable Solutions

  • Allows the device to transmit data back to applications’ data centers

  • Integrates medical IoT data into the healthcare providers’ systems

  • Gives manufacturers usage data to help them continue to improve their product

SIMON IoT provides transparent pricing and a user-friendly data portal to make our IoT connectivity your best option for improving your IoT in transportation management process and moving your business forward.

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