SIMON IoT for Construction

If your construction company is seeking a competitive edge, equip your workers and machinery with IoT technology. Connecting your construction projects to IoT solutions and fail-safe connectivity will improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.

At SIMON IoT we offer reliable connectivity at a fair price, to make your IoT in construction solutions possible.

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IoT connectivity improves worker Safety and project efficiency in construction

Using IoT for Construction can streamline traditional barriers such as organization and communication challenges within the industry. Construction project managers can more closely regulate the health and safety of their workers with IoT wearables. This technology gives employees an added measure of safety on the job.

Real-time data is critical in maintaining a streamlined work environment and achieving project objectives and goals. With embedded equipment sensors and monitoring, your construction projects will improve in overall efficiency and quality. Track your project from beginning to end with IoT solutions.

What SIMON IoT Brings to the Table

Dependable Connectivity

We have multiple tier-one carriers that are sure to provide your operation with the breadth of coverage you need.

Transparent Pricing

We don’t believe in hidden charges. The numbers you see on our pricing page are what you get.

A Portal to Manage Your Data Usage

To help you manage your construction IoT data, we have features on our portals that allow you to see live data usage metrics. You can also protect overage charges with data guard settings.

Data Plans Tailored to Meet Your Present Needs and Future Changes

Our data plans are centered on fair pricing and optimum connectivity. We don’t lock you into a plan, and that allows you to adjust as your fleet tracking business grows and adapts.

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What IoT for Construction Has to Offer

  • Design Modeling

    Construction design teams make real-time updates to their development plans with IoT technology. New information on the project is delivered to the job site through reliable IoT connectivity. As the project continues, sensors can be installed to monitor the quality of production. This construction interface improves operations management, and the quality assurance of a construction project.

  • Jobsite Monitoring

    Monitor your construction job site with IoT sensors. These sensors allow you to collect and analyze data to measure the job site conditions such as temperature, air moisture, noise, etc. You can also use these sensors to monitor job site activities to anticipate accidents or violations. A reliable IoT connection will keep you and your project moving forward with fewer interruptions.

  • Remote Access Machine Operations

    IoT construction technology allows for remotely controlled machines. Manage heavy machinery from a safe distance with a reliable IoT connection. These IoT compatible machines remove the chance of human error. Receive concurrent updates of machine movements and status through your IoT platform.

  • Inventory Replenishment

    Use RFID sensors to track equipment and building materials in the supply chain. These sensors can notify you of the location and quantity of your order. IoT technology also allows you to monitor your supply stock to help you stay on top of your deadlines.

  • Worker Wearables

    IoT devices for construction improve on-the-job safety. Equipment such as smart watches, augmented reality (AR) goggles, and smart helmets transmit data back to the headquarter for continuous monitoring. With a secure Iot connection, you can track each of your employees on the job site and send quick safety alerts to mitigate potential accidents.

Core Values of IoT in Construction

Improved Worker Safety

Construction workers and employers benefit from the added safety measures of IoT in construction. Technology provides real-time updates of worker's health metrics for an added sense of security. Dangerous machinery can be remotely operated to reduce risk of injury.

Project Efficiency

Technology used in IoT for construction allows for greater project efficiency. The real time data collection and monitoring available for construction sites, workers, and machinery, saves you time and money while improving the overall quality of the development.

SIMON IoT provides transparent pricing and a user-friendly data portal to make our IoT connectivity your best option.

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