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Keep Critical Connections Online

When it’s a matter of life or death, you need reliable service and dependable backups. Use SIMON IoT solutions for remote diagnostics and patient monitoring; designed to efficiently collect and transmit the information you need to help save lives.

With Network Failover, you still have a connection to the server is something went down. The data switches over from WIFI to LTE, preventing you from ever losing signal. In an industry like healthcare, it’s almost a necessity.

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Keep Everything Moving Smoothly

Transportation technology is rapidly changing, and SIMON IoT’s data connectivity is able to grow with you. Whether you’re looking to connect smart vehicles, monitor highway sensors, manage public transportation or track fleet vehicles and equipment, you can get all the data you need on one plan.

SIMON IoT connects all of your assets to a main hub, letting you monitor your investments from your smartphone or desktop.

SIMON IoT provides all the service you need with a predicable bill you can plan around.

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Keep Everything Running Smoothly

You need it to work all the time, every time. With SIMON IoT; running your vending machines, ATMs, and self-serve centers has never been easier. Your business assets are supported by a reliable network that can be set up domestically or internationally and controlled by a central system.

With network failover, you can be sure that even if the internet goes down, your devices will still be online using LTE technology; making sure your business never misses a beat.This is how you radically simplify the Internet of Things Industry.

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Keep an Eye on Things

Connect surveillance and remote monitoring equipment with the power of a strong, reliable network behind you. Leverage the IoT industry to collect information from smart cities to improve services. Read meters and utility monitors from your smartphone.

Remote security and monitoring connection services make it easy to track and protect important equipment or information.

Use SIMON IoT to bring all of your data connectivity needs onto one platform.

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Construction and Real Estate

Keep Your Investments Safe

Get vital information to crews on the ground in real-time. Keep projects on time and under budget by ensuring important communications are sent straight to your team’s devices. Whether a long-term job or a temporary pop-up site, you need to communicate in real time using secure channels that keep your proprietary information safe.

SIMON IoT gives you full control of your data plan; enabling you to adjust from month-to-month. Easily monitor properties and job sites with smart camera security systems and sensors.

See what the right connection can do for you.

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Keep Costs Under Control

Make sure agents have access to important information about their customers and claims while out in the field. Share real-time updates to keep things running smoothly between team members. Use a secure network to collect and send sensitive information from the scene.

Partner with SIMON IoT solutions to increase productivity, cut costs and improve claim accuracy with the backing of a reliable digital connection.

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Financial Services

Keep Assets Secure

SIMON IoT’s solutions offer a secure, reliable connection that keeps your information and assets moving smoothly. Sensitive data is protected as it travels through the network. Machines and databases are kept online 24/7 with network failover; ensuring that your devices stay connected with LTE technology if the internet ever goes down.

Our solutions are customizable and cost-effective; whether your focused on improving communication, security or accountability. Keep your operation running smoothly and your information safe with SIMON IoT.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Keep Production Profitable

Monitor everything entering and leaving your facility in real-time. See where things are running smoothly and what areas need more attention. Network connectivity gives you the power to follow projects with a bird’s-eye view while giving your crew instant access to important information. No more slowdowns on the floor; the IoT Industry and M2M services make work efficient; keeping costs low and output high.

Check your supply chain, review data collected from your connected devices, and see how well everything is performing on a user-friendly platform. See exactly how connectivity can help you outperform the competition.

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Smart Cities

Keep Your Streets Online

Make your city as efficient and cost-effective as possible using advancements in IoT connectivity to manage public services, enhance communication and make neighborhoods safer. Use IoT solutions to collect valuable data on traffic, pollution, public transportation, infrastructure, and utilities.

Leverage your data to improve services, make communities more efficient, and focus on problem areas such as streets in poor condition or trouble areas that need more police enforcement. Reduce waste, improve accountability and keep taxpayers happy with the support of SIMON IoT.

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Smart Agriculture

Keep Crops Growing

Improve productivity, monitor assets, reduce waste and maximize crop output by partnering with SIMON IoT. Smart agriculture helps today’s famers manage their crops by tracking data in real-time; monitoring everything from weather conditions to soil quality to livestock health to a plant’s growth progress.

Use technology to enhance your product output by managing irrigation levels, pest control distribution and communication with staff in the field. SIMON IoT ensures your operation is as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

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Keep Your Registers Ringing

SIMON IoT provides a reliable connection and a plan you control. You can’t afford to let your services go down. You need to deliver. SIMON IoT has plan options that include overage coverage, where you can make sure you always have the coverage you need to keep your company systems up and running.

Easily monitor your usage and adjust as needed with month-to-month contracts. See what areas are performing well and what parts of the store could use more attention using the data collected from your connected devices. Improve efficiency and keep your data costs in check. See what radical simplicity can do for your shop.

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Keep Your Guests Happy

You need a 24/7 connection when you work in hospitality. You need to make sure your connection is easy to access and stay connected. You need your wireless connection to be fast, secure and reliable.

SIMON IoT solutions makes sure your guests are happy with your data connection. Adjust your plan monthly to accommodate seasonal business. Easily monitor your network and protect your assets. Keep business running smoothly and your guests coming back by partnering with SIMON IoT.

In a world of accelerating technology within these industries, you need an IoT constant to rely on. Find out what sets SIMON IoT apart from the others.

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