IoT Pricing

One simple rate, everywhere

$ 9.999.999
Cost Per Month
$ 129.25
Cost Per Device
$ 0.12
Effective Rate per MB

What Sets SIMON IoT Pricing Apart?


To get you the most fair price for connectivity, we have highly customizable data plans. You can also choose to create multiple plans and tailor each of them.


Typical IoT price options can result in overage charges, and we know you don’t want that. To help you avoid those, we don’t lock you into a contract for a set amount of data. This way, if you realize that you need more data or less, you can adjust your plan.

International Coverage and Pooling

When using our pricing tool above, you can check the international and pooling options. By clicking the international option, you indicate that devices in your plan need world-wide, cellular coverage.

By clicking the pooling option, you can opt for increased simplicity. With this option, we’ll combine all your device’s cellular data.


Devices can leave their excess in the pool and others can pull from that excess. Pooling is cost-efficient, and that’s why we like it.

Transparent Overages and Add-ons

Our domestic overage never exceeds $0.25/MB and international overage never exceeds $0.50/MB. SMS starting at $0.03/message and public static IP at $3.00/month.

IoT Pricing Models

The different pricing formats used to charge for IoT connectivity make it difficult to know what is or isn’t a good deal. Or what will or won’t work for your company.

We want you to know a good deal when you see one. So, here’s a breakdown of the different pricing models you’ll typically find for IoT connectivity.


At SIMON, every plan creates a data pool. And there’s no surcharge for Pooling.

Devices (SIM cards) with the same data amount contribute to the same pool. If you have 10 devices that are allotted to use 1GB/month, then all of these devices will pull from the pool of 10GB of data. This is beneficial when, almost inevitably, some devices use slightly more or slightly less than 1GB. Some devices will leave their excess in the pool while others will pick up that excess.

This means you avoid overage charges and you avoid paying for more data than you’re really using. Pooling plans reduce wasted data, which makes them more cost-efficient. We call that a win.

You’ll see a cost per device in our pricing tool above, this price includes the cost of data and the cost of the SIM. Because, at SIMON, we like transparent pricing.

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SIM Card Price

SIM card cost depends on the type of card.
We offer commercial, industrial, and embedded SIM cards.

$3.00 / Commercial SIM Card

$5.00 / Industrial SIM Card

$10.00 / Embedded SIM Card

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What other companies offer

Data per SIM, no pooling

In this pricing model, you pick how much data to assign to each SIM, and you pay your rate for the data used. For instance, you might pay $12.00/GB.

However, if that SIM card uses less than the data you assigned it, you don’t pay for how much data it used. You pay for how much data it was assigned to use, which feels like a waste to us. And even worse, if the SIM uses more data than it was assigned, you get hit by big overage charges.

These pricing models might have rates that look quite reasonable. But you’re usually making up the difference by paying for more data than you use or in overage charges.


This model starts with you paying a fee for each SIM card (e.g. $3.50/SIM). In addition to the SIM card price, you then pay for that SIM’s data (e.g. $8.00/GB). Every SIM is pooled together. This makes it look like you’re only paying $8.00 per GB, but because of that SIM charge ($3.50), you’re really paying $11.50.

On the meter

A meter plan is easy to understand, but can get expensive if you’re a heavy data user. You have a set rate, say $0.40/MB, and you pay that rate no matter how much data you use.

Here’s the catch: other pricing models will typically lower their rates for different data thresholds. So, you may pay $0.40/MB on the meter and use 100MB. That would cost $40.00/month. But with a SIMON IoT 100MB plan, you would only pay $0.04/MB, $4.50/month. You’ll be paying 900% more for the same data on a meter plan than a SIMON IoT pooling plan.


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