IoT for Fleet Management Providers

Fleet management solutions and software help you manage drivers and vehicles. But there are limitations to only using traditional fleet management solutions. Combining your transportation monitoring with IoT technology will prepare your business to continue evolving. Technology will continue developing, and your enhanced fleet management software will be ready to handle your business needs. However, IoT technology is only as good as the cellular connectivity that powers it. Weak IoT won’t take your fleet management to the next level.

At SIMON IoT, we offer reliable connectivity at a fair price, to make your IoT fleet management solutions possible.

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Partnering fleet management with IoT improves safety and saves on costs

Effective fleet management complies with safety and environment regulations while keeping total cost of ownership (TCO) low. Through the power of IoT sensors and SIM cards, tracking your fleet is now possible and can deliver actionable data.

That data can turn into a list of safety best-practices for your drivers, a reduction in the carbon dioxide emitted from your vehicles, or cost efficiency through proactive maintenance.

Make sure that your connectivity can support the IoT solutions that can improve your fleet’s safety and save on costs. IoT is the future of modern and evolving fleet management.

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What SIMON IoT Brings to the Table for Transportation Monitoring

Dependable Connectivity

We have multiple tier-one carriers that are sure to provide your operation with the breadth of coverage you need for your transportation solutions.

Transparent Pricing

We don’t believe in hidden charges. The numbers you see on our pricing page are what you get.

A Portal to Manage Your Data Usage

To help you manage your IoT data, we have features on our portals that allow you to see live data usage metrics. You can also protect overage charges with data guard settings.

Data Plans Tailored to Meet Your Present Needs and Future Changes

Our data plans are centered on fair pricing and optimum connectivity. We don’t lock you into a plan, and that allows you to adjust as your transportation business grows and adapts.

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What IoT Fleet Management Has to Offer

Driver Management

  • Driver Analytics

    Drivers play an integral role in the safety and efficiency of your fleet. A good fleet management solution will prioritize the safety of drivers and your fleet. Transportation applications can pull data from in the cab of your vehicles to report on driver behaviors, such as which hours of the day the vehicle is operating.

    Tracking the driving patterns of each piece of your fleet allows you to identify best practices for safety and distribute the information to all vehicle operators.

  • Predictive Weather Analytics

    Telematics technology reports on the weather along the driver’s route. By analyzing that weather, you’re able to redirect the vehicle to keep them on roads with safer conditions. The alternative route improves safety and prevents prolonged delays, a key part of good fleet management.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Fuel Tracking

    Sensors can keep track of tire pressure, oil levels, leaks, battery health, etc. When maintenance is needed on a vehicle, you’ll be alerted and avoid the long-term problems of missed maintenance.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Remote access maintenance lowers costs because sensors can catch issues that would otherwise require a manual inspection of the vehicle. Preventative fleet maintenance tracking can improve the health of your fleet and keep you running on schedule.

  • Inventory Care and Tracking

    If your fleets are carrying inventory, IoT technology can track the inventory as it passes from location to location. It can also improve the likelihood of your inventory arriving in the proper condition.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Lower Idle Time

    Idling in a vehicle wastes gas and leads to excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the environment. To reduce the amount of wasted exhaust, companies can reroute for traffic where the vehicle may spend extensive time in stop and go traffic.

    Environmental sustainability is an important part of a modern and evolving fleet management and IoT solution.

Core Values of IoT Fleet Management

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Keeping your employees and those around them safe is important on a level much deeper than business efficiency. IoT transportation fleet management is one of the most effective ways to improve fleet safety.

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Increasing maintenance organization, saving on fuel costs, and improving customer retention are all achievable through IoT technology for your fleet management solution. And each of these items are cost-efficient.

SIMON IoT provides transparent pricing and a user-friendly data portal to make our IoT connectivity your best option for improving your IoT in transportation management process and moving your business forward.

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