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Enabling Innovators in Climate Change with Connectivity

We need to
Fight Back

Our planet is changing,
and we need to fight back

Storms are getting stronger and more ecosystems are at risk. That's why we are fighting back with our most valuable assets; technology, innovation and communication.

We can now monitor information and control technology in ways never before possible. IoT plays a pivotal role in how we move towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

IoT systems can affect energy use and admissions. It can effectively collect and respond to data in real-time. Industry experts tend to agree that IoT technology can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 15% across all industrial sectors by 2030.

Working together, we can change the world.

Helping Those Helping Us

If your goal is to help the environment, we want to help you.
That's why SIMON IoT is awarding data grants to organizations and institutions that use IoT services to help them fight climate change.

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Qualifications for Environmental Data Grant

SIMON IoT data grants will be awarded to qualified non-profit organizations and educational institutions based on three main criteria.

1. What the project does to help monitor, improve or eliminate climate change threats.

2. The overall impact the project has in the fight against climate change regarding how it protects people, wildlife and/or natural resources.

3. The importance IoT connectivity plays in the project’s success.

What we offer

Qualified organizations and institutions will be selected and awarded a predetermined block of data that can be used to connect their devices. These data grant blocks must be used strictly for the environmental project; the data blocks cannot be transferred to another project outside of the scope of the initial project without prior approval by SIMON IoT.

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For our environment. For our future.

SIMON IoT will be releasing more details about the environmental data grants in the coming weeks and begin accepting applications in early 2020.

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