What is IMEI? Everything You Need to Know

An International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI, is a unique 15-digit number assigned to each device on a mobile network that helps identify that specific device. At face value, it seems pretty simple but you may still be wondering what is IMEI? Read further to learn what an IMEI number is, how to use it, […]

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Global eSIM: Everything You Need To Know

Cellular connectivity is one of the most common and dependable connectivity methods for your Internet of Things (IoT) devices. To connect these devices to a carrier, it needs a Subscriber Identity Module – otherwise known as a SIM. However, SIM cards for IoT devices have historically created limitations in where a device can connect and […]

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SIM Management Capabilities

An IoT SIM card is a variation of traditional SIM cards used in personal mobile devices like smartphones with additional features designed for IoT devices. This includes things like being more durable, secure, and flexible. SIM Management is the ability to manage the profile and a subscription of a SIM card, as well as the […]

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Tools, Tips, and Tricks for IoT Security

IoT solutions are improving all kinds of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and many more. Plus, with up-and-coming technologies like 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and edge computing, there are new and innovative advancements being made in the world every year.  Along with the numerous benefits of IoT, there are also risks that come with […]

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Asset Tracking: What You Need to Know

Assets is a word used to describe houses, cars, and other large purchases, but there are many more assets—especially for businesses. Businesses can also have fleets to manage, high-value assets like microscopes and diagnostics equipment, autonomous forklifts, or construction equipment all of which are considered assets to manage. But most modern businesses now also have […]

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A Guide to IoT Tracking

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the world by storm and become a key part of nearly every industry in some way. But what is the Internet of Things? IoT is the connection between devices, machines, other objects, and even sensors worn by people all done via the internet. This network across the internet […]

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What is eUICC? – eUICC Explained

A newer form of SIM card that is changing cellular networking is the eSIM card, and one of their core attributes that makes them successful is the eUICC, or embedded UICC. As the economic use of IoT increases, so does the demand for faster and more versatile network connectivity. That’s where eUICC and eSIM cards […]

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IoT Connectivity

Connecting You to the World What is IoT? In the modern age, around 97% of the American population owns a mobile phone according to Pew Research. This powerful device allows one to connect to almost anything, with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. When we connect to another device–be it a router or a mobile […]

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The Future and Impact of 5G IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping the world of technology as we know it, and as you can imagine, IoT demand is only going to increase. We are more connected than ever by our devices, and wireless data exchange is becoming an essential element of communication across the world. What’s even more exciting is […]

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SIM Card Differences: SIM vs. eSIM vs. iSIM

All of our phones and many other devices need SIM cards to operate and connect to a network. The SIM card has been around for many years, but it’s changed and evolved a lot since the original SIM cards. Now, SIM cards help make the Internet of Things possible and are a part of what […]

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What’s the Difference Between MNO, MVNO, MVNE, & MVNA?

Cellular connectivity options have grown in recent years. You now have more available solutions than ever before to keep your devices connected. But with more options comes more connectivity plans to learn about before making a decision. We’re here to help you understand a few of the options you may have heard about and what […]

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The Definitive Guide for the Internet of Things in Business

Data is embedded in almost every part of our lives. Your smart TV can make movie recommendations based on what you’ve viewed previously. Your smartwatch can track how many steps you take in a day. Even your smart fridge can notify you when you’re out of a certain item and add it to your grocery […]

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